The second half of summer is here and there is still plenty of time to get some good backpacking trips in. We’ve compiled a list of gear for the Tahoe backpacker, some pieces of gear on the list are essentials and others are staff picks. Hopefully this helps get ready for the next overnight trip or week long journey!

  • Backpack – Something between 45L and 65L depending on what type of trip and personal preference.
  • Dehydrated Meals – It’s always nice to have some real food also but dehydrated meals are awesome for saving weight.
  • Camp Stove – Whether it is a stand alone system like an MSR or a self contained set up like a Jet Boil nothing beats a hot meal on a cold night.
  • Water Filter – Being able to filter water trail side is essential while backpacking, fill up anywhere and don’t haul extra water.
  • Hammock – Not an absolute necessity but with some weighing less than 6 oz. why not bring it for some much needed relaxation.
  • Headlamp – The more lumens the better unless you are being a stickler about weight.
  • Solar Lantern – A little easier on the eyes than a headlamp and they are much better at spreading out light.
  • Sleeping Bag – Down is the lightest and most pack-able but synthetic bags help keep you warm even when there is some moisture.
  • Sleeping Pad – There are two schools of thought on sleeping pads, inflatable pads are very light and compact but foam pads will not go flat.
  • Shelter – Protection from the elements can range anywhere from a tarp to a bivy to a tent, it is all about how much “protection” you want.

Pro Tip – Some dehydrated meals don’t require hot water meaning you can leave the stove at home.



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