We’re in the heat of summer now, don’t get stuck out there in the boondocks. We put together a trailside gear guide that will keep you riding your bike not walking it. Not all of this stuff is necessary every ride but it will all definitely help you out of a pinch. Swing by the shop and we will get you all set up!

  • Tubeless Tire Repair Kit – Bacon strips usually do the trick to plug up what your sealant won’t.
  • CO2 System –  Who wants to use a hand pump for 20 minutes?
  • Multi-Tool –  The only way you can tighten anything on your bike.
  • Derailleur Cable – When you lose your shifting 5 minutes out of the parking lot.
  • Master Link – Hands down the easiest way to fix a chain.
  • Missing Link Tire Levers – Between setting the master link and taking a tire off they are a life saver, without them you would need hands of steel.
  • Tube – Gets you home in time for dinner even after your second flat.
  • Extra Co2 Cartridge – Good thing you brought an extra.
  • Patch Kit – Scratch that, third flat. Just patched the tube and had to steal your friends Co2.
  • Zip Ties – If you can’t fix it with zip ties it can’t be fixed.
  • Trail Snacks – When you bonk and still need to get back to the car.
  • Riding Light – You didn’t plan on finishing your ride an hour late after all the mechanical mayhem.

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