The way that kids learn to ride bikes now is different than how most adults learned. Thanks to the introduction of walking bikes, the most well known being Striders, kids of today can learn to ride a bike not too long after they start walking. Our own Roger Rintala has written up an article highlighting the huge benefits and the thought processes behind kids learning to ride with walking bikes rather than training wheels. Rodger, who has had a lifelong relationship with athletics and has been a sports coach for over twenty years, explains some of the basic advantages to walking bikes in his article saying “The entire time the child is on the bike, they are learning to steer, lean, balance, and put their feet to the ground to stop. The rate of development can be amazing and the child is empowered to explore at their own pace. Because they always have immediate access to the ground with their feet, and they naturally learn to control speed, balance and steer, their progression is natural and intuitive.”

Check out Roger’s full article here: Teaching Kids the Love of Bicycles.




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