ski tuning

The Tahoe Sports Hub offers a full range of ski tuning and repair services. In most cases ski repair and shop work can be completed overnight. Our ski shop services include:

Binding Mounting : Our Certified Ski Repair Technicians can mount or remount binding to your new or used skis. All binding mounts include a free test of the binding to ensure safe operation.
Binding Testing : We test bindings using a Winterstager automated binding test machine for the greatest degree of reliability. Ski bindings should be tested on a yearly basis as well as anytime that they are being used with a new ski boot or by a different skier to make sure that they will function properly in the event of a crash.
Base Grinding : Using a modern Winterstager stone grinder we are able to return even the most damaged skis to like-new condition! Base Grinding also replaces the structure on the bottom of the ski so that you skis can shed water effectively, similar to how tire tread works on a car. All base grinds include edge sharpening and a hot-wax so that your skis will be completely ready to ski when you pick them up
Base Welding and P-tex repair : Hit a few rocks while out skiing? Not to worry, those scratches and gouges in your bases can be repaired! Stone grinding the ski following the repair will ensure that the new base material is smooth and will slide without friction on the slopes.
Edge Sharpening : Wear and tear can dull your edges and make it difficult to get good edge purchase on hard snow. We can quickly restore your edges to the sharp and effective angles that ski the best.
Hot Wax : A hot wax can add new life to a pair of skis that are feeling slow or sticky on the slopes. We use Toko Wax matched to the current conditions and snow type on the mountain.

Our Ski Repair Shop is located in the back of the store. Come in and speak with one of our knowledgeable ski repair technicians regarding any problems you may be having with your equipment.



Full Tune                                $50
(includes Stone Grind, Edge Tune, Wax)

Basic Tune                              $45
(Snowboards, Edge Tune, Wax)*no stone or base structure

Base & Core Shot Repair        $15/cm
(quote needed for final price)

Delamination Work                $20
(quote needed for final price)

Premium Wax                         $25
(fluorinated wax for current conditions)

Basic Hot Wax                        $15

Heli Coil                                  $7/Coil


Tele & AT                      $45

Alpine                           $40

XC                                 $35

Remounts                     $45

Free Hand Mounts        $75

Binding Test & Adj        $25

Splitboard Mount          $25