The Checkpoint is a relatively new bike from Trek which was released late in 2018. It fills a category between gravel capable road bikes like the Domane and full fledged cyclocross bikes like the Crockett and Boone. The Checkpoint may be the most versatile 700c bike in Trek’s lineup, capable both on the road and in the dirt this bike is always ready for an adventure.

Some of the features that make it so capable are things like the 45c tire clearance, hydraulic disc brakes, and tubeless wheels and tires. The Checkpoint comes in both aluminum and carbon frame options. A big benefit of opting for the carbon frame is the ISO Speed  decoupler which allows for added flex at the junction of the top tube and seat tube. It’s not all marketing hype, the carbon models do offer a buttery smooth ride at the back of the bike. One improvement that would be nice to have on the next version of the bike would be front ISO Speed, which trek already has in some of their other gravel and dirt oriented models. For now running low pressure in the front tire will do the trick.

The Checkpoint also has some smaller details that help contribute to the bikes versatility. Things like four bottle cage mounts and the option to mount racks front and rear really turn this bike from your standard gravel bike into an adventure machine. It also has 12mm through axles in the front and rear as well as an adjustable horizontal dropout in the back. This means you can easily change the wheelbase of the bike or run it as a single speed for riders looking to simplify things. All in all the Checkpoint is an impressive bike, the guys and girls designing it really packed in a lot of features and didn’t seem to overlook anything. We are stoked on its out of the front door adventure capability!

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