We had a chance to get out and do some test rides on this year’s Trek Slash 9.7 and it did not disappoint. If you are the type of rider looking for a no holds barred, all out speed machine then look no farther than the Slash. Trek’s long travel 29’er has 150mm of travel in the rear with a 160mm fork up front, it pedals like a dream but still crushes through the rough stuff. This is largely due to the RE:AKTIV rear shock which is extremely supportive toward the top of the travel but blows off and gains a more supple feel on big hits. We rode the Slash on a classic Downieville lap which was a great match for the bike, when the trail straightened out this bike turned into an absolute rocket. It is a big and long bike, maybe not ideal for slower paced trails or really tight technical climbs. However if you are looking for a bike to get after it on steep chunky shuttles or just an all day backcountry adventure sled then this bike will check all the boxes.

Pros: Long and slack, pedals great, short chainstays keep things playful.

Cons: Stock tires not ideal for loose dirt, suspension needs some small bump adjusting, LT 29’r is a lot of bike for some.


Photo: Quincy Shanks

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