Tahoe Sports Hub is a family owned and run sporting goods shop located in Truckee California. Husband and wife team Wrenn and Rob Cavallo partnered with their friend Brian Murphy to buy the The Sports Exchange in November of 2013 and renamed it Tahoe Sports Hub. The owners and employees and are all passionate skiers, snowboarders, paddlers, climbers, or mountain bikers. The Tahoe Sports Hub team feels very lucky to serve the Truckee-Tahoe community and share their passion for the outdoors with their clients.


ABOUT_webThe Tahoe Sports Hub is your one stop shop for all of your outdoor sports needs.  In any season we carry top of the line gear that will get you out in the mountains, on the lake, scrambling up a rock face, or hitting the trails. From jackets and long underwear to paddle boards and climbing gear; If you need it to play in the mountains then we have it!

The Tahoe Sports Hub is also the only outdoor sports store in the area to offer a consignment gear service.  We have an area of the store dedicated to used apparel, skis, ski boots, snowboards, snowboard boots and bindings, cross country ski equipment, rock climbing gear, footwear, backpacks and just about any other type of outdoor gear that you can think of.  All of our used equipment is inspected for defects, in good to new condition, and clean. Used gear is sold at a significant discount relative to new equipment.